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Alcon Dailies Total1 Contact Lenses


DAILIES TOTAL1® stand out as the sole contact lenses featuring water gradient technology, which boosts the water content to nearly 100% near the lens surface. This moisture cushion, coupled with unrivaled breathability among daily disposables, delivers a comfort akin to wearing nothing at all, promoting a healthier appearance for your eyes.

Want to elevate your comfort further? SmarTears® Technology dispenses a naturally occurring tear ingredient, stabilizing your eye's tear film.

Say goodbye to cleaning solutions and cases. With DAILIES TOTAL1®, relish the convenience and health advantages of starting each day with fresh, clean contacts.

No need to fret about reordering. Opt for subscription to DAILIES TOTAL1® at checkout, ensuring timely delivery of your contacts with complimentary shipping.

MANUFACTURER DISCLAIMER: DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses: Please consult your eye care practitioner for comprehensive wear, care, and safety details.

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